Ancient Troy & Museum Excursion from Canakkale Port

Our Troy excursion starts in the port of Kepez, Canakkale. We have a short drive to the ancient site of legendary Troy to see attractions including the wall of Troy VI, harbor, citadel, Sanctuary, Roman Bath, Odeon and wooden horse.

Panorama, remains of ancient Troy, possibly Priam’s city of the Iliad, . Turkey

Walking thru history-  Dardanelles to Ancient Troy

Trojan Horse replica on the site of ancient Troy. Turkey
Ramp leading to main city gate of Troy, , Priam’s city of the Iliad, . Turkey

The award-winning Troy Museum is our second stop, opened in 2018. The Museum has largest the collections of findings from the excavations. Sarcophaguses, sculptures, terracotta ceramics, weaponry, coins, and pieces of gold, ornaments, jewelry and other artifacts dating back to 2400 BCE are some of the exhibitions

We drive back to port, or we may add a Canakkale city tour as an optional add-on

Our tour lasts about 4 hours

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